Challenges towards Exascale Computing

The Berkeley Parallel Computing Laboratory

Krste Asanovic (University of California, Berkeley)


The Berkeley "Par Lab" was established in 2008 to address perhaps the
greatest ever challenge in computing systems: the end of sequential
processor performance scaling and the resultant need to move to
parallel computing everywhere.  Our ambitious goal is ?to enable
most programmers to productively write correct, portable, efficient
software for manycore processors that will scale with the number of
cores?.  We formed a large co-located team of faculty and students
collaborating to tackle this problem from applications down to
architecture.  In this talk, I will give an overview of our research
agenda and describe the progress we have made in the first three years
of the project.


Krste Asanovic is currently an Associate Professor in the Computer
Science Division at UC Berkeley. Asanovic received a PhD in Computer
Science from UC Berkeley in 1998 then joined the faculty at MIT,
receiving tenure in 2005.  He returned to join the faculty at Berkeley
in 2007, where he co-founded the Berkeley Parallel Computing
Laboratory ("Par Lab").